About Us

Our physiotherapists, massage and sports therapists are experienced and knowledgeable. They take the time to listen and they care. These therapists will work with you to help you achieve your goals. Our administration and reception staff understand that sometimes coming into a physiotherapy facility can be a little daunting. They will help make the experience a pleasant one.

  Mark Cassidy

Mark is the director of Bayside Physiotherapy. He is the Hervey Bay's only fully qualified  APA Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist. He has worked at national and international level with athletes including at Olympic and Commonwealth games.

Mark has a passion for hands on physiotherapy and working with all types of people. His background in Sports and Exercise Physiotherapy has made him an excellent diagnostician and given him the ability to think outside the square with difficult and unusual conditions. He has special interest in spinal conditions, shoulder and knee injuries.


  Jacob Walmsley

Jacob has degrees in both Exercise Science and Physiotherapy. An avid learner and people person, Jacob, will leave no stone unturned in achieving the best results for his clients.

Jacob has an interest in exercise for rehabilitation. On top of his hands on treatments Jacob is excellent at designing rehab programs for clients to do at home, in the gym or in the pool, to ensure a full recovery.


Angus Mugg Hervey Bay Physio  Angus Mugg

Angus has had extensive experience as a personal trainer before graduating from University of South Australia with physiotherapy degree. He is experienced in exercise prescription for rehabilitation and enjoys going to the gym for his own fitness. Angus is also skilled in dry needling, and finds it a good addition to his hands on skills.

He has worked with AFL and American football teams. He enjoys treating athletes of all levels with a special interest in AFL injuries.  


 Jennifer Aviles

Jennifer hails from Canada where she completed a degree in Kinesiology before coming to Australia to study Physiotherapy. She too has experience as a personal trainer and exercise is one of her areas of expertise. She runs our Clinical Pilates classes. She has an interest in women's health and is also involved in our falls prevention programs.

Jennifer has played European Handball at a high level and is now having a crack at AFL!!


Svenja Winkels Hervey Bay Physio  Svenja Winkels

Svenja training as a physiotherapist in Germany, included an internship here at Bayside in 2015. She loved Hervey Bay so much, she had to come back. Svenja is a hands on physiotherapist with excellent treatment and diagnostic skills. She has an interest in aquatic therapy (hydrotherapy) and takes one on one treatment sessions at the Hervey Bay Aquatic Centre.


Lily Hayter Herey Bay Physio  Lily Hayter

Lily grew up in Hervey Bay. After graduating as a physiotherapist at Australian Catholic University, Lily couldn't wait to get started working in the community she grew up in. Lily is friendly, enthusiastic and an excellent physio. She does everthing she can to help her clients.



Simran Shah Hervey Bay Physiotherapist Simran Shah

Simran has joined the Bayside Team from Brisbane. She studied physiotherapy at the University of Queensland. Simran loves working with people from all walks of life. She is enthusiastic and an avid learner. Simran has done extra training in Pilates type exercises and core strength work. She is also enjoying getting out and seeing everything that Hervey Bay has to offer.


Carolyn Owen

Carolyn is one of our remedial massage therapists. If you need remedial, sports or a relaxing massage,  Carolyn is the person to see. She is experienced in all forms of massage and takes a wholistic approach to health. She is a strong believer in the healing power of touch. A keen learner who keeps up to date, she is currently also learning to become a Yoga teacher. Watch this space.

Kelly Conroy

Kelly is a remedial massage therapist who loves helping people feel better. Kelly is a people person. Kelly has the massage skills to match her passion for helping people. She is looking forward to taking her excellent skills and passion further in the health field.