Information & Links

On this page you will find resources specifically chosen by our therapists to help you. The items on this page are not to take the place of the client/therapist relationship. As medical science is progressing at a great rate, please check with your therapist to ensure that the resources below are appropriate for your condition.

My Health for Life 

My health for life is a free, six-month program where you work with a health coach to achieve your health goals. It is a State government-funded initiative, delivered by an alliance of health organisations, and is designed to help Queenslanders stay well and lessen their risk of developing conditions such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.



Athletes Gel

Athletes Gel is a breakthrough natural formula designed to get Athletes back in the game faster and support those dealing with arthritic or rheumatic pain.

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Injury Information

Netball knee injury prevention program

Soccer knee injury prevention program

Taping for patello femoral (knee cap) pain

Couch to 5K

Exercise program for Paraplegics