Falls Prevention Classes

Whilst a lot of patients think falls are a normal part of getting old, but that's not the case. Balance can be improved with physiotherapy by improving ankle flexibility, increasing lower limb strength and improving confidence.

After an initial consultation and assessment, we will encourage patients to attend at least 8 classes. At the end of these classes the patient will have another private consultation to re-assess their balance scores. We will provide the patient's Doctor a report of their progress.


The classes are run and supervised by a physiotherapist and an additional physio assistant.  Classes are limited to 6 patients to ensure their safety and wellbeing.


The class incorporates the following aspects; standing on an unstable  surfaces, stepping up, down and over objects, reaching outside the patient’s base of support and improving the patient’s endurance. Education will also be given on hazards and preventing falls, along with techniques on how to get off the floor if they have had a fall.


Tuesday 11.30am-12.15pm

Thursday 11.00-11.45am