More than Core Physio Class

The classes focus on movement improvement, building on core and pelvic floor control and posture correction .

Our classes are different from those in a gym. More than Pilates, more than yoga and more than Tai Chi. Individual exercise in a group setting. We run a mixture of mat work classes and equipment classes.You won’t be a face in the crowd, doing the wrong exercise. Our classes have a maximum of  6 and are run by a trained physiotherapist.

Prior to commencing the initial class you are required to have a Physiotherapy Assessment to identify any movement dysfunction and teach you how to successfully activate your Pelvic Floor and Transverse Abdominus muscles ( known as your core muscles.)





Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
  8.00am Mat Class     10.15am Mat Class
12.30pm Equipment Class   11.00am Mat Class   11.00am Mat Class
5.15pm Mat Class 5.15pm Equipment Class 5.15pm Mat Class 5.15pm Mat Class